why guildKraft?

guildKraft is a revolutionary way of managing consortium blockchain. GuildKraft solves the problem of bringing multiple entities, people and systems together to achieve common goal of a Consortium blockchain trough creating smart contracts and AI consensus.

Whether your association has few hundred or few thousand members & employees, guildKraft is a highly scalable centralized system with autonomous process automation system with ability to monetize the initiatives through offering various range of services. The system shall be configured to handle your process - driven by both Forms (Business Objects) and Events.

Customer Testimony:

US Eventing was in need of a web-based membership management system that interfaced with QuickBooks, and digiBlitz's Association Dashboard application met the requirement...- managing both human and horse memberships, online event registration for 250 competitions annually. digiBlitz has always provided professional, knowledgeable and flexible services

-Robert Winter, IT Director - US Eventing Association

What's powering guildKraft?

    Can you imagine having all your applications & processes finally getting together to work for you at your schedule and needs? GUILD KRAFT has a powerful underlying engine that integrates all your applications and processes with the Smart Gadgets and Machines to bring centralized Manageability.
  • Events & Trading Transactions:
    Every Consortium is created with having the agenda to bring people for common goals like standards, trading and transactions. While traditional event/trading systems are centralized, guildKraft is consensus and smart contract driven trading and events management. The transactions are created in off-chain and run on the blockchain. The trading units can be in any digital assets and the transactional entities can be human, organizations and IOT gadgets.
  • Secured Hub System:
    The system is single sign-on, Cryptographically secured, with roles and privileges.
    guildKraft brings seamless and hassle free connectivity of Internal processes with external IT applications like QuickBooks, ACT, Salesforce & Internet of Things (IOT) components like smart sensors, Robotic Systems, smart Machines etc. This brings out an exponential capability of bridging the divide across the business and electronic constructs thereby bringing out a completely new breed of services and solutions to the customers. This is the single most unique proposition that makes guildKraft an invaluable asset for your organization.
  • E-commerce
    Sell more products in many categories through better online store front which can hold tones of products under hundreds of categories.
  • Cloud
    The system is 100% web based with an option of implementing in private or public cloud. It’s a complete secured environment for your organizational process and applications. No more worries and nightmares on security.