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Are you an Work Seeker?

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HR-Hiring Processes

Completely automate the staff recruitment process via menschForce. It allows you to post a comprehensive, tailor made requirement. The suppliers and consultants can submit resumes, rates and multiple supporting documents. You can associate a requirement with contingent parameters that will help you to get best possible match. Multiple recruiters from multiple vendors can work individually on finding and submitting best candidates. You will have process to manage, measure vendor-wise, recruiter-wise, account manager-wise performances through reports and score cards.

Finance Processes

Integrate your project costing with contingent workforce management and have better control over the financials. menschForce allows you to create, modify and optimize resource rates as per the project budgets and market scenarios to attract better talents. The system will provide you with resource costing aggregated by projects and suppliers. Your human resource management is now automated seamlessly and work effectively with other organizational processes.

Automated Work Flow & Communication

Fully Automated Work Flow through our state-of-the-art BPM process template dBBPM. Automated Communications between the stakeholders makes the system completely effective in closing the positions quick. Applications talk & share information while you focus on your core business. It has an inbuilt Modeler to create custom business processes.

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